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Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton Tote Bags

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  • Size : 38 cm x 42 cm. Handle Length : 70 cm (i.e., they are 35 cm from the top of the bag to the top of the handle) approx. Made from 5 oz Cotton. Capacity : 15 Liters.
  • Premium Quality Long Handle Cotton Shopper.
  • Please go through the attached photographs to see the uses of these bags. We always put customer first. Shop tension free. You can always return these if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason whatsoever.
  • The Bags are Strong and Durable and can be used as Shopping Bags and can also be used for day to day use such as carrying books etc. Decoration Area : 35 cm x 38 cm. Suitable for Screen Print, Embroidery, and Iron on Transfer. Can be used with Fabric Paints and Personalized for Craft Purposes.
  • Our Cotton Bags are made from a thicker cotton fabric and the cotton shoulder-length handles are sewn into the top edge, securely holding the handles in place. These Bags are washing machine safe and low maintenance – can also be ironed to eliminate any wrinkles. The bags will shrink when washed – ironing will help, but the bags may not reach its original size.
  • Our bags are certified to Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles standards and each bag has Oeko-Tex label (as in the photo). This means that the raw materials used for manufacturing our bags has been tested for harmful substances. Therefore. You can be confident that our bags have NOT been treated with substances that may be harmful to yours or your family’s health. The raw material produced has also been grown with the environment and social responsibility in mind.

These 100% Cotton Tote Shopper Bags Are Fun to Decorate.

These bags have half-processed and unbleached cotton fibres, achieved by weaving natural cotton. The process provides the natural coloured bags with a cream-like, raw appearance suitable for printing. The bags are cotton, which makes them a durable option and ideal for repetitive use.

As plastic wastes continue to degrade the environment, it’s vital to look for other alternatives that will not cause further harm. The continuous use of disposable plastic bags is having a major negative impact worldwide, including contributing to climate change, environmental deterioration, harm to human health, and damage to wildlife. The switch to cotton bags can help solve these issues by reducing the amount of disposable plastic bags created and discarded daily.

Even in simple ways, you can do your part in helping preserve the environment – one way is to switch to cotton bags when going on shopping.

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