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Water Repellent 100% Cotton Extra Heavy Duty Dust Sheet. Ideal for Plumbers, Heating/Gas Boiler Engineers, Central Heating Installers, Decorators, Builders and Professional Painters.

  • Size of each sheet : 1500MM x 1800MM / 6ft (1.83 m) x 5ft (1.52 m)
  • Colour : White
  • This Water Repellent Dust Sheets are calico cotton sheets especially treated so that liquid can not go through the sheet and at the same time it is breathable
  • 100% Cotton Calico Sheet with Water Repellent Treatment
  • Protects Surfaces from Dust and Dirt. Can hold water or paint for approx 30 mins – these dust sheets allow water or paint spills to be collected for safe and easy disposal.

Excellent for covering furniture, carpets, and floors. This sheet is white. 

Reusable and durable. Suitable for home based or industrial applications.
Environment friendly.
They are equally suited for home based DIY projects.
Our dust sheets are a standard grade of sheet, with a traditional woven construction.

Please Note : Washing the sheets will reduce the water-repellent properties. Please do not wash. To clean, please wipe with a damp cloth.